Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Walk-In Closet Designs for Small Spaces

Walk-In Closet Designs for Small Spaces and Apartments
Searching for a closet organizer for small space? Its actually not easy finding one. Rather work with a flexible system which fits into your existing space. The walk-in closet below is a great example.
Now you know what to do with your under-the-staircase space. It can be transformed into a walk-in closet or spacious storage center. More space for hanging clothes, containers and shelves for storing folded clothes, storing accessories, shoes, belts, hats, etc. Its perfectly flexible, so it can change as your storage needs do. It comes with pieces that make for a perfect walk-in closet designs for small spaces. This system is made from durable steel.
See the different plans and more closet designs here...

I for one have never had enough storage for my clothes. Every season, my closet seems to be shrinking. The problem is that, I tend to shop for new clothes every season, which proves not to be working well for a hoarder like me. A great thing is that I am quite active in charity work at the moment and I am clearing my closets to make space for... more clutter. Yawn!!! I should really have my thiner and sexier sister come visit to help declutter with me.

Happy apartment and small space decorating friends.
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