Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Loft Beds in Studio Apartments

The one idea that makes sense: loft beds in studio apartments. Yes I know, you guys already knew. But it just hit my head. I visited a friend of mine in Grahamstown in the 90s. We went to see her friend and she lived in a studio apartment with a loft bed. It felt somewhat cool like a tree house.  Plus, I just turned 20, lots of things were cooler.
Loft beds for small spaces
You may remember the popular 90 square foot studio apartment which the writer, Felice Cohen called home a few years ago. Very close to the ceiling but it leaves you great space for your kitchen and living areas below. Who would have thought that 90 sq ft can be a full human being's home. But now we know, it happens.

Loft Beds in Studio Apartments
 Sleek and classy, isn't it. We really love creativity in tiny spaces. You can create your own duplex and enjoy a feel of a huge space.
Apartment design
KSWA brought the idea of Puzzle Loft notches to maximize apartments’ usable space. A bed is lifted up as a loft to free some work space below it. They do this in a system that doesn’t only free space, but draws light in too. The loft system can block light if not well planned.


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